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Winter Food - Jill Norman New hardcover cookbook

Winter Food - Jill Norman New hardcover cookbook

Winter Food - Jill Norman New hardcover cookbook


Seasonal recipes for the colder months publication


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New large hardcover book with dustjacket, delicious colour photos. Published 2005, 192 pages, measures 26 x 23 cm.

Many books have been written about the glories of the foods of spring and summer, in praise of the first asparagus or early strawberries, but the produce of late autumn and winter is seldom welcomed with such enthusiasm. It is as if excitement about food closes down once the harvest is in. Yet there is much to arouse the palate in the cold months.

Gardens, orchards and fields may be dormant, but there are the vegetables, fruits and nuts of the harvest, from squash and celeriac to chestnuts and quinces. Even if forests and moorlands are in the gip of cold, game is still hunted to provide pheasant, wild duck, venison and hare. Citrus fruits are at their best, as are many fish and shellfish. In Winter Food, Jill Norman focuses on making the best use of the season’s rich store of ingredients, providing a delicious variety of dishes for eating well with family and friends..

Drawing on the winter traditions of different cultures and offers recipes from all quarters of the globe. From northern China and Japan, the high Andes, the northern states of America, the plateaus of Turkey and Spain, and the mountain villages of northern Italy, as well as Scandinavia, Russia, and Britain, there are rich, warming dishes to counter winter's chill. The bounty of over 150 recipes includes Bucatini with Cauliflower, Raisins, and Pine Nuts; Catalonian Fish Stew; Spiced Lamb Shanks; and Sweet Potato Pie.

Chapters include:

  • Soups
  • Salads and light dishes
  • Main dishes
    • Fish and seafood
    • Poultry and game birds
    • Meat
    • Vegetables
    • Grains and pasta
  • Accompaniments
  • Desserts
  • Conversion charts and index

Winter Food is a UK publication. All measurements are in metric and metric cup & spoon.

About the author

Jill Norman is the award-winning author of books that include The Cook’s Book and Herbs and Spices: The Cook’s Reference. Jill Norman created the Penguin Cookery Library in the 1960s and 1970s, bringing many first-class authors to the list. She has since become a Glenfiddich trophy winner in her own right, and is a leading authority on the use of herbs and spices. Jill's expertise in herbs and spices has reached such a wide audience that she is frequently asked to identify spices, sent in small amounts to her by people all over the world. Other people who have bought herbs marked, vaguely, "culinary" in garden centres ring up to ask what to do with them. Recently, Encyclopedia Britannica asked Jill to be their expert to update all of their entries on herbs and spices.
She is the literary trustee of the Elizabeth David estate, and worked with Mrs David for many years.

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Winter Food by Jill Norman



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