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Tukka Real Australian Food - Jean-Paul Bruneteau Used hardcover cookbook

Tukka Real Australian Food - Jean-Paul Bruneteau  Used hardcover cookbook

Tukka Real Australian Food - Jean-Paul Bruneteau Used hardcover cookbook


Real Australian food - expanding the frontiers of taste.

Winner of the 1997 Julia Child Award for cookbook design


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Used hardcover book with dustjacket in very good condition. No writing, marks, tears, loose or missing pages. 224 pages. Published 1996 Superb photos throughout the book.

Tukka, Real Australian Food is an exciting blend of historical detail and stunning recipes using natural Australian bush ingredients. Internationally renowned chef Jean-Paul Bruneteau takes readers on a journey of discovery through the different regions of Australia and explores the astounding diversity this country has to offer.

Acknowledging the invaluable contribution of Australia's indigenous people to his research, Bruneteau tells us how Aboriginal Australians hunted, gathered, stored and cooked the foods which he now uses in his own innovative recipes.When it was published in 1996 Tukka was the most accurate guide to the flavours of some of Australia's unique indigenous ingredients.

Drawing on his extensive research and his inherent culinary talents, Jean-Paul Bruneteau presents us with an exquisite array of mouth-watering delicacies - Tasmanian ocean trout baked in paperbark, wijuti grubs with peanut sauce, kangaroo carpaccio, baby barramundi in mirin, smoked yolla and trout mousse, tetragon, macadamia and bunya nut pesto, rolled wattleseed pavlova and macadamia nut waffles with sugarbag honey. Warwick Kent's stunning photographs complement Bruneteau's creations beautifully.

Tukka truly sets out to expand the frontiers of taste.

All recipe measurements are in metric, imperial and metric cup and spoon.

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About the author

Jean-Paul Bruneteau ( born 1956 in Vendee, France) is a French-Australian chef and author who is credited with playing a pioneering role in the development of an authentic Australian cuisine based on indigenous ingredients. In 1967 Bruneteau migrated to Australia with his parents. After an apprenticeship with European chefs Frank Baker and Bert Wendt, he became Chief Cook on the MV Australian Venture, the youngest ever to run a galley on an Australian merchant ship. He then worked in the kitchens of the Sydney Opera House.

In 1984 he opened Rowntrees, The Australian Restaurant, in Hornsby, Sydney, with business partner Jennifer Dowling. It was the first 'Australian' restaurant listed in the Yellow Pages. Bruneteau experimented with various native ingredients supplied by small-scale regional suppliers and wholesalers of bushfoods. This included products like riberry, Dorrigo Pepper, tetragon (warrigal greens), lemon myrtle, Wattleseed and Illawarra plum.

In 1988, Bruneteau won a gold medal for 'The Most Original Cuisine' at the Second International Cooking Festival held in Tokyo, Japan where he created his signature dish, now world famous 'The Rolled Wattleseed Pavlova', developed with the assistance of the Australian Egg Corporation. In 1989, when visiting Australia, French Master Chef, Paul Bocuse paid tribute to Bruneteau's role in developing an Australian cuisine. In 1991, Bruneteau and Dowling opened Riberries - Taste Australia restaurant, in Darlinghurst, Sydney. In 1996, Bruneteau published many of his ideas and culinary experiences with bushfood in a popular and award winning book titled, Tukka, Real Australian Food.

Bruneteau then moved to Paris, France where he became the chef in two Australian themed restaurants, the Bennelong and Woolloomooloo. He has recently returned to Australia and again is playing a leading role in Sydney's culinary forefront.

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Tukka: Real Australian Food by Jean-Paul Bruneteau

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