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Recipe for Life 1 - Dorothy Edgelow New Gawler Foundation cookbook

Recipe for Life 1 - Dorothy Edgelow New Gawler Foundation cookbook

Recipe for Life 1 - Dorothy Edgelow New Gawler Foundation cookbook


The Gawler Foundation Cookbook


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New softcover book, 172 pages. New revised edition published 2009

Delicious healthy recipes with important nutritional information

Recipe for Life 1: The Gawler Foundation Cookbook is ideal for anyone who is responsible for making day to day nutrition decisions, whether cooking for themselves or for others. There truly is something for everyone in this inspired work. Not only is there an extensive range of delicious and nutritious recipes, but the author has thought of everything! From a suggested 28 day plan made complete with a supermarket/health food shop shopping list, for those too busy to worry, all the way through to an imaginative section for children, not to mention the mouth watering range of desserts.

The Gawler Foundation has been working with people challenged by serious illness for over 30 years. Dorothy Edgelow has been part of the Foundation since the very early days - she was in charge of the kitchen for many years. This book includes a comprehensive description of the whole food, almost-vegan diet that is served on all of their courses, recipes from their kitchen, healthy preparation methods, an explanation of some of the less-well-known ingredients, a guide to sourcing whole foods, a 28-day menu plan and a weekly shopping list. The book contains recipes from both the Healing and Wellness Diets.

Recipe for Life 1 is an Australian publication. Measurements are in metric and metric cup & spoon.

Either Recipe for Life book is suitable to start with. The differences between book 1 and book 2 are:
- Book 1 has wheat flour and pasta where Book 2 is wheat free.
- Book 2 has charts that tell how much of each nutrient is in each food.
- Book 2 has some fish recipes.
- Book 1 has a menu plan for the Wellness Diet while Book 2's menu plan is for the Healing Diet.

About the author

Dorothy Edgelow has dedicated much of her life to the pursuit of healthy and nutritions food and is the author of the very successful A Recipe for Life, The Gawler Foundation Cookbook Volumes 1 and 2.  When one of her daughters was diagnosed with bowel cancer many years ago, Dorothy began a journey into diet, vitamins and minerals and positive thought in a successful effort to help her daughter regain her health.  In her journey she met Dr Ian Gawler and volunteered her time to assist in the establishment of the now well-known Gawler Foundation.  She has played a major role in the success of the Foundation over many years and was responsible for the nutritional component of the Foundation's programs.

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Recipe for Life 1: The Gawler Foundation Cookbook by Dorothy Edgelow


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