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Muffin Dessert Barbeque Lunchbox Bible - Penguin Books 4 New softcover books

Muffin Dessert Barbeque Lunchbox Bible - Penguin Books 4 New softcover books

Muffin Dessert Barbeque Lunchbox Bible - Penguin Books 4 New softcover books

4 fantastic new Food Bible cookbooks by Penguin

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All are brand new softcover books, measuring 15 x 18cm with around 260 pages and between 120 and 170 recipes in each. All have lots of delicious full colour photos. Each book is also available to purchase separately.


Barbecue Bible

Long gone are the days when a barbecue meant a plateful of charred sausages drenched in tomato sauce. This book shows you how to produce fresh and flavoursome meals on your barbecue, whether it's a simple hibachi or a state-of-the-art unit with granite benchtops.

There are more that 130 recipes, ranging from starters right through to desserts and accompaniments, and including a feast of vegetarian options. There are also tips on choosing and maintaining barbecue equipment, and foolproof cooking techniques.

No matter what the occasion, these recipes will fire up the appetites of friends and family alike.

Dessert Bible

Dessert Bible has a vast array of delicacies to suit every occasion and season, so the possibilities for indulging your sweet tooth are endless.

Try a fresh and healthy fruit salad, sundae or sorbet in summer, or warm up with a comforting pudding, pie or crumble in winter. For special occasions an elaborate cheesecake or melt-in-the-mouth souffle is sure to impress. And there are plenty of quick and simple treats to please family and friends, such as mocha affogato, loganberry sago and vodka raspberry jelly.

Muffin Bible

There's nothing like a freshly baked muffin, hot out of the oven and smelling like heaven.

Home baking is one of life's simple pleasures. Preparing wholesome, delicious food for your friends and family is so deeply satisfying. And the best thing about muffins is that they are so easy and quick to bake!

The Muffin Bible has 170 delectable recipes with easy-to-follow instructions to ensure you bake the perfect muffin every time. With a combination of sweet and savoury recipes, low-fat options, and handy hints and variations, the Muffin Bible has something for every occasion and every taste.

Lunchbox Bible

Lunch ideas for every one, every day of the week.

The fact is that the average school tuckshop is a nutritional wasteland, as are most of the fast-food outlets that are the lunch place of choice for many adults. And even if you do have a state-of-the-art juice bar, bakery or sushi shop right next door, the cost of buying lunch there every day can be alarming.

Lunchbox Bible has heaps of ideas for DIY lunches and snacks that look good, taste good and are good for you (and your wallet). As well, it includes lists of kitchen and pantry standbys, tops on preparing and storing lunches, and creative lunchbox uses for last night's leftovers.

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4 Food Bible Recipe Books by Penguin Books



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