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Bake Your Cake and Eat It Too - Tamara Milstein-Newing New softcover cookbook 2017

Bake Your Cake and Eat It Too - Tamara Milstein-Newing New softcover cookbook 2017

Bake Your Cake and Eat It Too - Tamara Milstein-Newing New softcover cookbook 2017



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New softcover book, 160 pages, first published 1997, this updated and expanded edition published 2017. Delicious full-colour photos and step-by-step instructions.

Whether you want to bake a cake for afternoon tea, a dinner party, a dessert, or just because you want to, Bake Your Cake & Eat It Too will provide you with a deliciously different selection to choose from.

This is the updated third cookbook from Tamara Milstein-Newing. First published in 1997, Tamara’s much sought after cookbook has been updated with many new recipes and features innovative cakes from around the world in a beautifully clear and concise format
with gorgeous photographs to whet your appetite.

Tamara shares important tips, handy hints and information that can only be compiled after years of experience. If you love to bake, this cookbook will become an invaluable source of inspiration.
Go on, spoil someone you love with one of the enticing recipes within, and as Marie Antoinette said...
Let them eat cake!

Cakes, tortes, gateaux .. no matter where you are in the world, regardless of the continent you find yourself on, you will find one theme that is constant to all - cakes.

It is the universal food that binds families together. It is what mother bakes while children are at school and it is the food of choice when celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. A slice of cake raises the spirits with a cup of tea or coffee, and a cake is given to loved ones to help soften the sadness of loss or injury. Cakes can be fun, cakes can be nurturing. Even a small slice can imbue in us a feeling of love and support, as if mother or grandmother were there watching over you.

This cookbook is not a compilation of elegant time-consuming cakes of the world. Rather it is an expression of what real cakes from around the world are all about. These are the cakes that your grandmother used to make. No previous baking experience required.

Superb photographs will have you dreaming of cakes with the flavours of the world. Imagine serving a Sicilian Apple Cake or an Indonesian Nutmeg Cake for afternoon tea. The Chinese Ginger Syrup Cake will become a star at any Asian meal. Or sit in front of the fire with a slice of decadent Mexican Chocolate Cake. Thumb through the superb recipes within this book and treat the children, treat your friends, treat yourself - Bake your cake and eat it too!

Bake Your Cake and Eat It Too is an Australian publication, all measurements are in metric.

About the author

Tamara Milstein-Newing is recognised as one of Australia's most popular cooking identities. She originally operated a purpose-built cooking school in Melbourne, where thousands of students who enjoyed her classes returned each season for new recipes and inspiring new ideas. She has a weekly segment on Melbourne radio, appears frequently on television, and is a celebrity guest cook at Australia's best lifestyle exhibitions. She has six books currently in print and has recently completed a new television series, "Cakes around the World", which has been sold for worldwide distribution.

Tamara is a Certified Culinary Professional - a widely recognised American diploma - and a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals. She has studied and travelled extensively in the United States and Europe, and teaches overseas several times a year, visiting schools in America and New Zealand to share her innovative recipes and easy teaching style.

Tamara has a popular and proven formula for recipes that are easy to follow and easy to perfect. All recipes are painstakingly developed, beautifully photographed and, most importantly, taste wonderful. Tamara’s extensive knowledge and ability to share her skills and ideas with ease make her cookbooks a joy to use.

Bake Your Cake and Eat It Too! - Tamara Milstein-Newing

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