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500 Cupcakes - Fergal Connolly New hardcover recipe book

500 Cupcakes - Fergal Connolly New hardcover recipe book

500 Cupcakes - Fergal Connolly New hardcover recipe book


the only cupcake compendium you'll ever need!


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New hardcover book with dustjacket, 360 pages including very comprehensive index and over 200 colour photos.

 Once upon a time, cupcakes were only a kid-friendly party favorite. No longer! Cupcakes are now the treat of the times, at once simple and chic. 500 Cupcakes is just that: a storehouse of recipes, written in clear instructions and appealingly packaged in bright, modern colors. 500 Cupcakes from front to back provides what bakers of all levels need to produce tempting creations. The introduction provides a comprehensive look at equipment and ingredients, plus a description of the cupcake-making process, from getting started to storing and transporting the yummy results.  The collection of recipes span from classic flavours and shapes to new favourites for every style and taste including recipes for alternate diets. Each recipe is written in clear language (great for the novice baker), and every one features three variations on the basic recipe (great for the experienced baker seeking new flavours). The page design is attractive, featuring over 200 enticing pictures of cupcakes in the pan and on the serving plate. 500 Cupcakes really is the only cupcake compendium you'll ever need!

  • An introductory section covers cupcake basics: equipment, ingredients, mixing and baking techniques and troubleshooting tips.
  • Cupcakes for every occasion, from children's parties to Christmas and from weddings to Halloween
  • A staggering variety of cupcake ideas, from classic chocolate buttercream cupcakes to key lime cupcakes to decadent chocolate jalapeno treats.

About the Author
Fergal Connolly is a chef and food stylist in London. He studied culinary arts at Scotland's Abertay University and has worked at restaurants throughout Europe and the United States. Fergal has worked on UK food magazines such as Delicious and BBC Good Food. He has also worked on the Silvana Franco High Low series of cookbooks (BBC Books) and has been a food stylist for television commercials and programs. Fergal also tested all the recipes for 500 Cookies
by Philippa Vanstone. This is his first book.

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500 Cupcakes by Fergal Connolly


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