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4 Ingredients 2 - Kim McCosker Rachael Bermingham new softcover book

4 Ingredients 2 - Kim McCosker Rachael Bermingham new softcover book

4 Ingredients 2 - Kim McCosker Rachael Bermingham new softcover book


The Sequel to the Ultimate Cookbook for Busy Families

by Kim McCosker & Rachael Bermingham

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New softcover book, 254 pages, over 400 recipes

If your idea of saving time and money in the kitchen is coupled with a desire to serve up fast, fabulous and flavoursome food, 4 Ingredients 2 is the cookbook for you

You won't need to spend a fortune in measuring utensils. To use 4 Ingredients 2 all you will need is 1 cup, 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon - it's cooking made real easy!

Rachael Bermingham and Kim McCosker wrote the blockbuster cookbook 4 Ingredients because it was a book THEY needed. They now bring you 4 Ingredients 2 - because it was a book YOU wanted! After receiving loads of feedback at hundreds of events around Australia and New Zealand, the ladies wrote this, their second easy-to-follow cookbook, for busy people who want fantastic food - fast.

4 Ingredients 2 has over 400 sensational recipes all using the '4 Ingredients' way of cooking.

  • All recipes have 4 or fewer ingredients

  • All can be measured in terms of cup, tablespoon and teaspoon

  • The methodology for each recipe is explained on average using 4 sentences and

  • All recipes use ingredients mostly found in your pantry or fridge already!

Be surprised by the amazing collection of simple, easy and delicious recipes. 4 Ingredients 2 puts the ease and enjoyment back into cooking ... Without breaking the budget!

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4 Ingredients 2 by Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham

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4 Ingredients - Kim McCosker Rachael Bermingham new softcover book

4 Ingredients - Kim McCosker Rachael Bermingham new softcover book

Over 340 Quick, Easy & Delicious Recipes using 4 or less ingredients.



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