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The 12 Days of Christmas - Margaret Fulton New hardcover cookbook

The 12 Days of Christmas - Margaret Fulton New hardcover cookbook

The 12 Days of Christmas - Margaret Fulton New hardcover cookbook


Favourite recipes for the holiday season


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New hardcover book. Published 2013, 144 pages, lots of beautiful colour photos and delicious recipes.

Christmas is a time of tradition, or sharing meals and memories with family and loved ones. The 12 Days of Christmas makes this time even more special, with its collection of 60 holiday recipes from one of Australia's favourite cookery author, Margaret Fulton.

Showcasing indulgent seasonal favourites and fresh new flavours, including Roasted Stuffed Turkey Breast, Baked Guinness Ham and a delicious traditional French Roast Chicken dinner, this book is every cook's essential guide for the holiday season.

Contents include:

  • Foreword by the author
  • Introduction - The traditions of Christmas
    • Advent
    • St Nicholas
    • Sinte Klas and Santa Claus
    • Christmas in Germany
    • The festive foods of Europe
    • Twelfth Night
  • Starters and appetisers
  • Mains
  • Vegetables
  • Salads
  • Puddings and other desserts
  • Christmas treats
  • Drinks

The 12 Days of Christmas is an Australian publication, all measurements are in metric, and metric cup and spoon.

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About the author

Margaret Isobel Fulton (born 1924 in Nairn, Scotland) is an Australian food and cooking 'guru', writer, journalist, author, commentator and National Living Treasure. Margaret Fulton was the first and greatest of the Australian celebrity cookery writers. As the world opened up again after World War Two and a wider range of foodstuffs began to arrive in the shops, it was Margaret Fulton, through her magazine columns and later her cookbooks, who showed the nation how to cook in new and exciting ways. It was largely through her inspiration and example that younger Australians realised the pleasurable and creative possibilities of fine dining. Our national cuisine was transformed.

Fulton's book, The Margaret Fulton Cookbook, was published by Paul Hamlyn in 1968 and was an instant success. Over 1.5 million copies have sold and it remains in print. Her early recipes encouraged Australian housewives to vary the Australian staples of "meat and three vegetables" and to be creative with food. She 'discovered' food from exotic places such as Spain, Italy, India and China and as Cookery Editor, 'brought these into Australian homes through her articles in the Women's Day magazine'.

Fulton realised that chefs who did television shows tended to lose their audience. Accordingly, she remained a writer who regularly appeared as a 'guest' on various TV shows. For Margaret Fulton, the great pleasure of cookery writing was to bring good food into ordinary homes. She was never interested in writing for an elite. Instead she concentrated on 'bringing magic' into everyday living through better everyday eating.

A passionate traveller, she is credited with being one of the first people to bring international cuisine to the Australian table. She has been honoured with the OAM (Medal of the Order of Australia) and is one of the National Trust's 100 National Living Treasures. In 2006 she was nominated one of The Bulletin's 100 Most Iinfluential Australians

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The 12 Days of Christmas by Margaret Fulton

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