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Recipes My Mother Gave Me - Stephanie Alexander Used cookbook

Recipes My Mother Gave Me - Stephanie Alexander Used cookbook



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Used hardcover book with dustjacket in 'as new' condition, no marks, writing, tears, loose or missing pages. A very clean, tight copy. First edition, first printing, published in 1995, 134 pages.  

My mother's most treasured possession was her mother's recipe book ... as hers is mine, and mine is my daughter's. This is a lovely feeling.

In 1960 Stephanie Alexander's mother, Mary Burchett, published Through My Kitchen Door, a slender volume of recipes and reminiscences. In an age that was a Sunbeam Mixmaster in every kitchen and the arrival of the electric frying pan, Mary's dedication to exploring 'foreign foods' set her apart from her contemporaries and made her a role model nonpareil for her now-famous daughter.

In Recipes My Mother Gave Me Stephanie presents her mother's original work annotated by family reminiscences and culinary tips. While Mary Burchett's recipes for gugelhupf, ch'ao mien, and tomato and basil salad were unusual in the 1960s, her Scot's shortbread, meat and potato pie, and dried fruit chutney more than satisfy today's nostalgic yearnings.

Recipes My Mother Gave Me serves as a reminder that many of us share a common heritage through the food of our childhood - a heritage that must not be lost to convenience foods and busy lives. It speaks of a time when recipes were swapped over morning tea and a biscuit, rather than gleaned from glossy magazines. Now we can all share Mary Burchett's wisdom and the added value of Stephanie Alexander's hindsight. And maybe we will be moved to ask our mothers from some of their recipes too.

About the author:

Stephanie Alexander is one of Australia's most highly regarded food writers.She was awarded an Order of Australia in 1994 for services to the hospitality industry. Stephanie has written eleven books, including Stephanie's Menu for Food Lovers, Stephanie's Seasons and Stephanie Alexander & Maggie Beer's Tuscan Cookbook (co-author). Her signature publication, The Cook's Companion, has established itself as the kitchen bible in nearly 400,000 homes. A second edition of The Cook's Companion was published in 2004.

Stephanie Alexander's philosophy is that there is no such thing as special food for children: if food is good, everyone will enjoy it regardless of age. Her latest publication Kitchen Garden Cooking with Kids, published in 2006, tells the story behind the recipes of the Kitchen Garden at Collingwood College, which Stephanie set up in 2001 in the grounds of a large inner-city school. It includes plans, activities and lists that together make up a blueprint that other schools may wish to follow. The program has given hundreds of primary-school children the opportunity to plant, grow, harvest, cook and eat the very best kind of food - freshly grown, organic, unprocessed and delicious.

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Recipes My Mother Gave Me by Stephanie Alexander



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