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Pop Bakery - Clare O'Connell New hardcover cookbook Cake Decorating

Pop Bakery - Clare O'Connell New hardcover cookbook Cake Decorating


by Clare O'Connell

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New small hardcover book, 64 pages, published 2011. Fantastic colour photos and step-by-step instructions.

Start cake popping now!

If you like cake, and you like chocolate, then you'll love cake POPs! Billed as the new cupcake, these delicious little treats are a cross between a cake and a lollipop: a combination of moist cake and a sweet candy coating, moulded onto a lollipop stick and then decorated to create a whole host of characters.

Clare O'Connell of the Pop Bakery in London teaches you all you need to know, from how to create the cake balls - a mouth-watering mixture of chocolate cake and icing - to dipping the cake balls in the special candy coating. Then she explains her unique method of painting the POPs using cocoa butter, as well as how you can decorate using sprinkles, sugar flowers, edible dusting powder and more.

Next, choose from 25 scrumptious recipes, from cute panda POPs to a family of Russian dolls. Why not make some solourful clown POPs for a curcus-themed party, or iconic skull POPs inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead.

With clear, step-by-step photography and Clare's easy-to-follow instructions, cake POPs are incredibly fun and easy to bake and make. Both children and adults will adore these bitesize delights that are perfect for parties and special occasions. So what are you waiting for? Start cake POPping now!

The POP designs are: classic, skull, panda, russian doll, tooth, snail, penguin, monster, leopard, tiger, cactus clown, frog, cupcake, wedding cake, geisha, maya doll, owl, toadstool, posh pig, birdie, starfish, marble, fruit and elephant.

Pop Bakery is a UK publication. All measurements are in metric and imperial.

About the author

Clare O'Connell has always loved baking and after undertaking work experience at a combined bakery and chocolate shop, plus research and experimentation by herself, she decided to start selling her own cake POPs. She runs her business, the POP Bakery, from her family home in West Hampstead, London, and supplies cake POPs to Harvey Nichols. The POP Bakery has become hugely popular in only a short space of time and has also gained a number of clients from the fashion industry, including Topshop, Calvin Klein and Swarovski.

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Pop Bakery by Clare O'Connell

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