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Diabetes Cookbook - DK Books in association with Diabetes Australia New recipe book

Diabetes Cookbook - DK Books in association with Diabetes Australia New recipe book


in association with DIABETES AUSTRALIA

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Brand new softcover book, delicious colour photos. 128 pages, published 2008.

Tasty cooking the low-sugar way

Managing your diet is the key to controlling diabetes, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your food. Keep delicious meals on the menu by following this mouth-watering cookbook, published in association with the experts, Diabetes Australia.

Entice your taste-buds and get creative in the kitchen whipping up over 100 fresh, flavoursome easy-to-make recipes for soups, starters, mains, desserts, cakes and snacks.

A handy nutritional breakdown for every dish tells you exactly what's in your food, plus tips on living with diabetes and advice on planning meals to keep blood glucose levels in check helps you to help yourself.


  • The glycaemic index shows you foods that are low, medium and high in the speed of their release of sugars into the body
  • A nutritional analysis for each recipe shows the glycaemic value for the dish, and how many calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins there are in a single serving.

Contents include

  • Diabetes and the Healthy Eating Plan - a guide to healthy eating for diabetes: how to make changes to eating habits and food choices that can be managed in the long term
    • Understanding diabetes
    • Controlling diabetes
    • Hypoglycemia
    • Eating healthily
    • Facts about food
    • Buying and cooking food
    • Meal planning
    • Out and about
  • Recipes - more thank 100 innovative recipes, comprising an inspirational source for a healthy eating plan for diabetes
    • Starters
    • Snacks
    • Main dishes
    • Vegetables
    • Desserts
    • Baking
  • Plus index and useful addresses

The Diabetes Cookbook is an Australian publication. All measurements are in metric and imperial. Vegetarian recipes are included

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Diabetes Cookbook by DK Books in association with Diabetes Australia

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