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 CWA Cakes - Country Women's Association New softcover cookbook

CWA Cakes - Country Women's Association New softcover cookbook


by The Country Women's Association

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New softcover book, 186pages, published 2009. Gorgeous, mouthwatering colour photos and step-by-step instructions

Traditional, tempting, tried-and-true

The cooking skills of CWA members are legendary and Country Women's Association Cakes includes more than 80 of their recipes for classic, country-style food. The cakes range from cheesecakes and sponges for special occasions, to tea cakes and fruit loaves for casual afternoon teas. Many are family favourites that have been handed down through generations, while others have been passed from friend to friend.

All the recipes use simple ingredients and are simple to make, yet have the indelible stamp of CWA sense and sensibility. Now you can learn from the experts!

Recipes include

  • Sherry plain cake
  • Gourmet fruit cake
  • Dried apricot and sultana log
  • Potato kuchen cake
  • Lime Cake
  • Blueberry Cake
  • Gingerbread
  • Pineapple carrot cake
  • Chocolate banana cake
  • Moist banana cake
  • Rich wedding cake
  • Peach, almond and yoghurt cake
  • Rhubarb coconut cake
  • Boiled plum pudding
  • Walnut coffee cake

All measurements are metric and metric cup and spoon.

The Country Women's Association of Australia has long been renowned for its work in support of rural families and communities, and for its members' cooking and catering. Their baked and bottled goods are must-see exhibits at local shows, and there are always long queues for the 'tea and scones' and other treats they serve up at many public functions. Their catering activities have made a huge contribution to the CWA's fundraising efforts.

Now the CWA is sharing its secrets, in this brand new series of cookbooks. There are tried-and-true recipes from CWA branch members all around Australia, so you too can turn simple ingredients into delicious and nutritious dishes that will please everyone at your table.

Royalties from this series will help the CWA continue to fund a postgraduate scholarship for a health-care worker in a rural or remote area.

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CWA CAKES - Country Women's Association

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