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AWW The Country Collection - Australian Womens Weekly New hardcover recipe book

AWW The Country Collection - Australian Womens Weekly New hardcover recipe book


A bounty of delicious country favourites

An Australian Women's Weekly cookbook

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New large hardcover book, 352 pages, reprinted several times.

This collection of country recipes showcases the plentiful spirit of the country cook. The outstanding features of country food are fresh produce, full flavours and generous servings.

Beautiful but simple food cooked to perfection - that's the essence of country cooking. It's demonstrated in this pretty book with recipes and beautiful photographs for cooked breakfasts, cakes and biscuits for morning and afternoon tea, lunchtime sandwiches, roasts, casseroles and grills for the rewarding dinner at the end of a long day, classics to eat around the campfire, jams, chutneys and pickles made from country produce and food for fetes and lamington drives. It's a truly delightful collection of country favourites.

Country food is generous, fresh, usually local and always in-season. This wonderful collection of easy and simple dishes brings the country to town. There are recipes for the big breakfast - porridge, scrambled eggs, French toast, then there's morning tea - slices, biscuits and rock cakes. Lunch might be a salad, a quiche, a hearty soup or a toasted sandwich, afternoon tea features scones, cakes and buns. Then there's dinner - wonderful roasts, stews, steaks and some comfortingly rich puddings. Preserves are featured too - jams, pickles and chutneys. The lamington drive contains all those cakes, biscuits and slices to make for the local school fete, and campfire classics are great for those camping trips with the family.

Contents include:

  • The Country Collection
  • Early Rising and Brunch
  • Baking Up a Storm
  • Midday
  • Time Out
  • At the End of the Day
  • Campfire Classics
  • Preserving Nature's Bounty
  • The Lamington Drive
  • Glossary, conversion chart & index

The Country Collection is an Australian publication. All measurements are in metric, imperial and metric cup & spoon.

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The Country Collection - The Australian Women's Weekly

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