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500 Chocolate Delights - Lauren Floodgate New softcover cookbook

500 Chocolate Delights - Lauren Floodgate New softcover cookbook


the only chocolate compendium you'll ever need!


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New hardcover book, 288 pages including very comprehensive index and over 200 colour photos.

 With 500 mouthwatering chocolate delights, this book is packed with ideas for every kind of melt-in-the-mouth snack, sweet treat, dessert or cake, for every occasion.

Filled with suggestions and tips to ensure fuss-free entertaining, 500 Chocolate Delights is the only book on cooking and baking with chocolate you will ever need and one you'll turn to time and time again. Beautifully illustrated and easy-to-follow guide to creating delicious chocolate delights every time, and for every type of social occasion.

  • An introductory section covers all the baiscs, including techniques, equipment, ingredients and presentation ideas..
  • Chocolate delights for every occasion - celebratory party cakes, lunchbox traybakes, elegant pastries and sophisticated desserts.
  • A staggering variety of recipes featuring chocolate, from classic hot puddlings, to creamy ice creams, ad the ultimate hot chocolate, this is a true compendium for chocolate lovers.

Chapters in 500 Chocolate Delights include:

  • Introduction
  • Everyday cakes and desserts
  • Cookies
  • Muffins and Cupcakes
  • Celebration Cakes
  • Pastries, Tarts and Cheesecakes
  • Hot Desserts
  • Mousses and Ice Creams
  • Petits Fours and Candies
  • Drinks, Frostings and Sauces

All measurements are in metric and imperial.

About the Author
Lauren Floodgate is a freelance journalist and food writer who divides her time between writing books, and web and magazine features. She has written nine books and her work appreas in numerous national UK magazines. Lauren is passionate about entertaining and always enjoys testing her recipes on her family and friends.

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500 Chocolate Delights by Lauren Floodgate

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