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Destitute Gourmet Everyday - Sophie Gray new cookbook Smart Food for the Family

Destitute Gourmet Everyday - Sophie Gray new cookbook Smart Food for the Family

Destitute Gourmet Everyday - Sophie Gray new cookbook Smart Food for the Family


Smart Food for the Family


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New large format softcover book, 96 pages, delicious colour photos throughout the book. All measurements are in metric.

Perhaps one of the greatest culinary challenges we face is the daily need to feed the family with interesting, enjoyable and healthy meals. Destitute Gourmet Everyday: Smart Food for the Family recognises that mealtimes together are an important part of family life, providing a forum for communication and creating a sense of belonging. 

Whether the family is a couple or a clan, Everyday: Smart Food for the Family is there to help meet that challenge with interesting, enjoyable and nourishing meals that are reliable and inexpensive. It is packed with recipes for breakfast and brunch, main meals and side dishes, desserts, cakes, outdoor food and quick meals. It also supplies a seasonal availability calendar, shopping guide and lots of tips, suggestions and variations to help you put these principles into practice, enabling you to serve smart food to your family, everyday.

Stylish fashionable food that doesn't cost a fortune - that is the philosophy of Sophie Gray. This third Destitute Gourmet book introduces more ideas and more recipes to help the home cook create delicious and good looking food for all the family. Sophie Gray is a mother of two and so has the knowledge and experience to create these recipes that will keep the family interested with delicious, healthy, stylish home-made food that does not cost a fortune. As always with a Destitute Gourmet recipe book, the three principles of - Shop Smart, Eat Healthily and in Season and Make a Little of Something Luxurious Go a Long Way - are critical. Food is one of life's greatest pleasures, and whether the family is a couple dining at home or the whole clan, this book allows the cook to keep it interesting, enjoyable and healthy.

About the author

Sophie Gray is the destitute gourmet. Sophie is a busy working Mum who constantly strives to save money and do the best for her family. In response to a significant drop in family income, she was forced to reconsider her grocery budget. She needed to feed two fussy children and satisfy two adults who adored good food. Sophie's background in restaurant cooking proved helpful when it came to creating delicious tasting, terrific-looking, healthy food from inexpensive ingredients. She made it her mission, not only to reduce her own grocery bill, but to share her knowledge, resurrect those basic cooking skills and encourage other cooks to put them into practice. The result is a range of stylish, healthy and above all delicious recipes that no frugal cook should be without!

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Destitute Gourmet Everyday Smart Food for the Family by Sophie Gray


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