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Belinda Jeffery's Tried and True Recipes New cookbook

Belinda Jeffery's Tried and True Recipes New cookbook

Belinda Jeffery's Tried and True Recipes New cookbook

BELINDA JEFFERY'S Tried-and-True Recipes


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 New softcover book, 170 pages, first published 2002. Features superb colour photography by Rodney Weidland.

Many things come and go, but the pleasure of eating isn't one of them. All it takes is a few good ingredients and a friend to share the joy

Belinda Jeffery's mouth-watering recipes have earned her a devoted following – not only because they're delicious, but because they work every time. In this, her second book, she offers another 100 recipes based on her favourite ingredients. From fresh herbs to cheese and chocolate, these are all the things you can't resist.

The book is organised into chapters by ingredient:

  • potatoes
  • chicken
  • cheese
  • lentils, beans and chickpeas
  • tomatoes
  • herbs and greens
  • eggs
  • bread
  • fruit
  • chocolate
  • plus an excellent chapter on basics - pastries, stock, jam-making etc.

Belinda Jeffery's Tried-and-True Recipes is an Australian publication. All measurements are in metric and metric cup and spoon.

Awards and accolades:

  • Food Media Awards 2003  - Highly commended Best SoftCover Food Book

About the author

Belinda Jeffery is a quiet achiever of the Australian food industry. The award-winning author of Belinda Jeffery's 100 Favourite Recipes and Belinda Jeffery's Tried-and-True Recipes and Mix & Bake, Belinda is renowned for her warm and reassuring style. She has garnered a strong following through her career as a chef, cafe proprietor, TV food presenter, radio personality and cooking teacher for her never-fail recipes and the pleasure she receives from sharing her knowledge and love of good food with others.

In 2002 Belinda and her husband traded city life for the Far North Coast of New South Wales, where Belinda now focuses of writing and teaching. Belinda is a regular and sought-after contributor to delicious., Revive and Australian Wine Selector magazines, as well as a restaurant reviewer for The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. She's a familiar voice on ABC radio, and also an experienced judge for a number of industry awards, including the Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards.

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Tried and True Recipes by Belinda Jeffery


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